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A complete and functional diary for your computer


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MSD TopDiary is the perfect tool for people who enjoy keeping detailed track of the most interesting things about their day-to-day activities. With a smart and interesting use of the most complex features of this databases, this tool offers users the option to keep track of a practically unlimited amount of information in an interface adapted to reproduce a perfect cyber version of an old-school diary.

Using MSD TopDiary is truly simple since the functions perfectly adapt to the needs of each user, who can adjust how complex the features are as desired, adding or removing elements with complete freedom. For example, you can create individual profiles for each of your objects or acquaintances to mention at any point in the narrative. Within these custom entries there are blanks for birthdays, biographies, contact info, or groups that they belong to.

Making use of the main feature in MSD TopDiary is just as simple, as you just have to set the current date and start writing as much as you want.

One of the most interesting features of MSD TopDiary is the fact that it lets you search inside all the content for any element in your database, thereby offering an option to extract results based on people or items of interest.